protoTRAK CNC controls

protoTRAK EMX Control

The entry level 2 axis CNC with up to 4 axis DRO display is able to do cycles like bolt hole circles, circular and rectangular pockets, even complex profiles. See the EMX and you will soon realise the days of a conventional DRO on a Mill are over.

protoTRAK SMX Control

This 2 or 3 axis CNC offers the latest protoTRAK technology. Canned cycles include pockets of every shape conceivable, pockets with islands, thread milling, bolt hole patterns, drilling, tapping and boring. AGE profiling means no more calculations! With the unique 'guess' key, if a dimension is missing from the drawing simply 'guess' the approximate position of a point or intersection, 3D surfacing with 'on board' DNC and the capability to handle virtually unlimited program size.

ProtoTRAK SLX Control

This is the ultimate in lathes controls. Like all protoTRAK controls the machine can be used manually or under full CNC control, with clearance cycles, profiling, grooving, drilling routines, standard and custom threads.



CNC Controller

At Standaco we are very pleased to be able to offer our ProtoTRAK (CNC controller) as a financially viable way to have the benefits of a CNC machine without the huge commitment in financial outlay.

ProtoTRAK is an American PC based controller turning the manual machine both metal working machines and milling machines, into a small run CNC machine. King Rich and ProtoTrak have partnered with Standaco to build the machine that best suits your requirements, the components are brought into our workshop and our trained service technicians fit the ProtoTRAK CNC controller to the King Rich ProtoTRAK ready machine. We thoroughly test the machine and run it so when we ship to your premises you’re ready to go with minimal training required you’ll be so pleased with the ease that you will be able to operate your machine with, allowing the skilled operator to increase productivity thereby the economies of using ProtoTRAK speak for themselves.

Speak to anyone who owns a ProtoTRAK and they will tell you how versatile this machine controller is and how it’s ease of use has made a difference to their workshop. Perfect for small batch runs and jobbing it’s well suited to workshop, R &D and manufacturing applications. This CNC controller has found its niche in many niche market developers.