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CNC Lathe for Sale

No toolroom would be complete without high quality metal working lathes and lathe accessories, Standaco have nearly 50 years of history in this specialised field and having been supplying customers and end users Australia wide, we have built long histories with our overseas agents and as Standaco has been family owned and operated for this entire time they are trusted and treasured relationships, ensuring quality and reliability.

At Standaco we offer the following in our range of metal lathes for sale; Morton (by Frejoth) and King Rich we also supply the Yida CNC lathe for sale. The Morton metal lathe is very popular in schools and learning environments. Many Tafes and Universities have invested in our Morton Range and they purchase these high quality lathes and lathe accessories in multiples.

Metal Lathe Tools and Accessories

Standaco has had the King Rich agency since 1991 we access to the full range of King Rich metal lathes available. We can also offer the King Rich lathes fitted with our ProtoTRAK controller ( the ProtoTRAk is an American controller ) making the manual metal lathe into a CNC lathe ideal for smaller setups or R and D , the King Rich flat bed CNC lathe can fitted with protoTRAK SLX CNC control. Easy to program 1 off and low volume work. economy of the King Rich ProtoTRAK combination is very attractive when crunching the numbers on your next asset purchase. This can be purchased as 2 components so potentially can also be depreciated as per new tax incentives depending on the model you are looking at.

Come into our showroom and talk with Tom and David regarding your specific requirements they would be very pleased to share their experience and knowledge, we have metal lathes on our showroom floor (if not we can organise to visit a working machine in the field, as we have many refereess that will vouch for the quality and reliability of our agencies and their machines.) We also have a protoTRAK demo box which you can come and play with or if you are unable to leave your premises we can bring to you.

Used Metal Lathe for Sale

To complete your workshop we can offer metal lathe tools and accessories including Vertex ( high quality Taiwanese toolroom accessories) and Jenix DROs ,For 25 years we have been fitting Jenix to our lathes. They have proven themselves in both accuracy and quality. They are easy to install, use and maintain. We offer them with all our machines and also to retrofit on your existing machinery.Let us put a package together for you. Our trusted brands of metal working lathes and accessories means peace of mind for you and an investment in your business that will stand the test of time.