The ProtoTRAK EMX is great for first-time CNC users or for basic knee mill work.

Get it integrated into a King Rich Turret Mill

Essential features – minimal complexity.

The ProtoTRAK EMX has the features you really need to work productively using a knee mill, but leaves out features that make other CNCs more complicated.

ProtoTRAK EMX Specifications


  • Digital Servo Amplifiers – custom designed for ProtoTRAK operation
  • D.C. Servo Motors – rated at 280 in-oz. continuous torque are twice that required
  • Precision Ball Screws – in the table and saddle
  • Modular Design – simplifies service and maximized uptime
  • 115V/60HZ/8 amps
  • Feedrate Override of programmed feedrate and rapid
  • Polycarbonate Sealed Membrane Keypad to lock out contamination
  • 7.0″ Color LCD with adjustable contrast
  • On board IDR flash memory storage for part programs
  • USB port for interface with a storage device
  • Rugged Industrial PC
  • Glass Scale on quill for Z-axis readout


  • Diameter Cutter Compensation – allows programming of the part rather than the center of the tool path
  • Circular interpolation – makes arcs and any size hole easy to do with standard tools
  • Linear Interpolation – to machine lines at any angle
  • Conrad – provides automatic corner radius programming with one data input
  • Incremental and Absolute – programming can even be mixed within an event
  • Error Messages – to identify programming mistakes
  • Fault Messages – for system self-diagnostics
  • Parts Graphics display
  • Look – a single button press to view graphics during programming
  • Math Help – for finding points in a prompted format with graphical representation of prompts
  • Machine Tool Error Compensation and Backlash Compensation custom set on mill after installation
  • Selectable Inch/mm measurement readout
  • Jog of X and Y from 1 to 100 inches per minute
  • Continue Mill to eliminate repetitive data inputs while programming
  • Context help information provides explanations of ProtoTRAK EMX operations
  • CAM program converter
  • Teach-in of manual moves

Programming Canned Cycles

  • Posn/Drill – single point
  • Bolt Hole – series of points evenly spaced around a circle
  • Mill – straight line in any direction
  • Arc – any portion of a circle
  • Pocket – a rectangle or circle and all the material inside, includes finish cut
  • Frame – a perimeter of a rectangle or circle, includes finish cut
  • Repeat – of programmed events with or without offset
  • Rotate – of programmed events about the Z axis


  • Remote Stop/Go (RSG) switch
  • USB Memory Stick

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