The ProtoTRAK SMX is a powerful CNC for milling machines that lets you choose the capability that is right for you.

The ProtoTRAK SMX is available:

  • as the two or three axis  CNC on a King Rich Turret Mill
  • as the three axis CNC on a King Rich Bed Mill

Base Product

Even in its simplest and least expensive form, the ProtoTRAK SMX is a powerful CNC for toolroom work. Advanced technology blends with the easy, natural user interface that makes the ProtoTRAK the world’s most popular CNC for small lot milling.

Advanced Features Option

If more advanced capability is important to you, the Advanced Features Option has many productive routines such as the popular Auto Geometry Engine™ and Spreadsheet Editing™. These advanced features are presented in the same, easy-to-use format that makes the basic system so useful for toolroom work.

Networking/Memory Option

Advanced program storage including networking helps you to organize, control and back up program files right from your CNC.

TRAKing / Electronic Handwheels Option

Electronic handwheels installed in the table and saddle of the milling machine extend the capabilities of the ProtoTRAK beyond the ordinary. Manual milling is enhanced with powerful GO TO and selectable Fine/Coarse handwheel resolution. CNC milling is revolutionized by the TRAKing feature that gives you manual control over your program run.

Programmable Electronic Head Option (not available on ProtoTRAK retrofits)

This option replaces the standard vari-speed head with an inverter-duty head to enable programmable spindle speeds and tapping.

Features and specifications of the ProtoTRAK SMX CNC
(O) indicates optional feature

ProtoTRAK System Hardware

  • Two- or three-axis CNC, 3-axis DRO
  • Real handwheels for manual operation
  • 10.4″ color active-matrix screen
  • Industrial-grade Pentium® processor
  • 256 MB Ram
  • P/S 2 Keyboard connector
  • 2 USB connectors
  • Override of program feedrate
  • LED status lights built into display
  • TEAC floppy drive
  • RJ45 Port and Ethernet card (O)
  • Override of program spindle speed (O)
  • 256 MB USB Thumb Drive flash memory (O)
  • Uncluttered front panel with few hard keys
  • Integrated Ram and Quill encoders resolve to one Z dimension

Software Features – General Operation

  • Clear, uncluttered screen display
  • Prompted data inputs
  • English language – no codes
  • Soft keys – change within context
  • Windows® operating system
  • Selectable two or three-axis CNC
  • Color graphics with adjustable views
  • Inch/mm selectable
  • Convenient modes of operation

DRO Mode  Features

  • Incremental and absolute dimensions
  • Jog at rapid with override
  • Powerfeed X, Y or Z
  • Do One CNC canned cycle
  • Teach-in of manual moves
  • Servo return to 0 absolute
  • Tool offsets from library
  • Go To Dimensions (O)
  • Spindle speed setting with manual override (O)
  • Fine/Course handwheel resolution (O)

Program Mode Features

  • Auto Geometry Engine (O)
  • Geometry-based programming
  • 3-axis geometry programming (O)
  • Tool Path programming (O)
  • Scaling of print data (O)
  • Multiple fixture offsets (O)
  • Programming of Auxiliary Functions (O)
  • Event Comments (O)
  • Three-axis Geometry conversational programming (O)
  • Incremental and absolute dimensions
  • Automatic diameter cutter comp
  • Circular interpolation
  • Linear interpolation
  • Look -graphics with a single button push
  • List step – graphics with programmed events displayed
  • Alphanumeric program names
  • Program data editing
  • Program pause
  • Conrad – automatic corner radius
  • Programmable spindle speeds (O)
  • Math helps with graphical interface
  • Auto load of math solutions
  • Tool step over adjustable for pocket routines
  • Pocket bottom finish pass
  • Selectable ramp or plunge cutter entry
  • Subroutine repeat of programmed events
  • Nesting
  • Rotate about Z axis for skewing data
  • Mirror of programmed events (O)
  • Copy (O)
  • Copy rotate (O)
  • Copy mirror (O)

Canned Cycles

  • Position
  • Drill
  • Bolt Hole
  • Mill
  • Arc
  • Circle pocket
  • Rectangular pocket
  • Irregular Pocket (O)
  • Circular profile
  • Rectangular profile
  • Irregular Profile (O)
  • Circle Island (O)
  • Rectangular Island (O)
  • Irregular Island (O)
  • Helix (O)
  • Thread milling (O)
  • Engrave (O)
  • Tapping (O)

Edit Mode Features

  • Delete events
  • Erase program
  • Spreadsheet editing (O)
  • Global data change (O)
  • G-Code editor (O)
  • Clipboard to copy events between programs (O)

Set Up Mode Features

  • Program diagnostics
  • Advanced tool library
  • Tool names
  • Tool length offset with modifiers
  • Advanced diagnostic routines
  • Software travel limits
  • Tool path graphics with adjustable views
  • Program run time estimation clock (O)

Run Mode Features

  • TRAKing (O)
  • Trial run at rapid
  • 3D CAM file program run
  • 3D G code file run with tool comp
  • Real time run graphics with tool icon
  • Countdown clock to next pause or tool change (O)

Program In/Out Mode Features

  • Simple program storage to floppy
  • CAM program converter
  • Converter for prior-generation ProtoTRAK programs
  • DXF/DWG file converter (O)
  • Selection of file storage locations (O)
  • Automatic file back-up routine (O)
  • Preview graphics for unopened files (O)
  • Networking (O)

Control Options
Advanced Features Option

  • Auto Geometry Engine
  • Programmable Auxiliary functions
  • 3-axis conversational programming
  • Additional Canned Cycles:
    –   Irregular Pocket
    –   Circle Island
    –   Rectangular Island
    –   Irregular Island
    –   Irregular Profile
    –   Helix
    –   Thread milling
    –   Engrave
    –   Tapping
  • G-Code editor
  • Countdown clock to next pause or tool change
  • Total program time estimator
  • Spreadsheet editing
  • Global data change
  • Scaling of print data
  • Multiple fixture offsets
  • Event comments
  • Tool path conversational programming
  • Mirror of programmed events
  • Copy with or without offsets
  • Copy Rotate
  • Copy Mirror
  • Clipboard to copy events between programs

Networking/Memory Option

  • Directory/File/Folder Program organization
  • Automatic file back up routine
  • Preview Graphics for unopened files
  • USB Thumb Drive flash memory, 256 MB or more
  • Networking via RJ 45 port

The DXF File Converter Option

  • Import and convert CAD data into ProtoTRAK programs
  • DXF or DWG files
  • Chaining
  • Automatic Gap Closing
  • Layer control
  • Easy, prompted process you can do right at the machine

CAM Out Converter Option

  • Save ProtoTRAK files as CAM files for running on different controls

TRAKing/Electronic Handwheels Option

  • Electronic Handwheels on X and Y (replaces the mechanical handwheels)
  • TRAKing of programs during program run
  • Go To Dimensions
  • Selectable Fine/Coarse handwheel resolution

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